"Need folding bike to get ____"

photo credit Constance Winters (pen name)Yeah, we here at fBIKE have been remiss in keeping up with our blog. Cyclocross season, a deep playoff run for the Patriots, the holidays, all excuses ... but not excusable.

So, it was going to take a particularly juicy topic to get us out of our rut. Well, one of our favorite blogs, Lovely Bicycle, just provided EXACTLY that juice.

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The only folding we're rooting for today is Portugal ... go USA!

US Soccer

fBIKE wishes the US Men's National Team well in this evening's contest against Portugal.

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But what about flossing?

Pedro's Toothbrush
A tip of our hat for the brilliant marketing copy on the package!
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fBIKE customer Steve H sure has some pretty countryside to ride

Bike path
In the interest of privacy, we can't say too much about the landscape Steve gets to enjoy ...
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Everything folds

At fBIKE, it makes us happy when things fold. Ironing boards. Origami. Poker opponents. That sort of thing.X
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Boston Cyclists Union 2014 Kickoff Party is Thu Apr 24!

Boston Cyclists UnionfBIKE *LOVES* the Boston Cyclists Union. And we LOVE parties. So we REALLY love the BCU Kickoff Party coming this Thursday, April 24.

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Folding bikes are a great addition to the Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride

Midnight Marathon
The Boston Midnight Marathon Bike Ride is a relatively new but nonetheless awesome tradition associated with our city's great footrace. Last year's ride was aided by a dedicated train that would take riders and their bikes from South Station to Southborough, from whence they'd make their way to the starting line in Hopkinton and then via the official race route to the finish line on Boylston Street. Consider riding it on a folding bike!
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Our customers wear many hats

At fBIKE, we're relentless about great customer service. We may not get every single thing exactly right the first time, but we do what it takes to make things right for our customers. And along the way, we sometimes get a chuckle for our efforts.
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fBIKE Anchors Citizens Bank Promotional Campaign

Citizens BankfBIKE is thrilled to anchor the Citizens Bank poster promotional campaign.

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