Before each ride, check the following

  • Tire pressure is 40-65 PSI or as specified on the tire
  • Main fold and handlebar latches are secure
    - Consider the "belt and suspenders" addition of velcro straps to secure each of the two latches
  • Black latch covers for the main and handlebar latches aren't loose
    - Let's face it--bikes vibrate ... a lot! Consider Loctite or similar for these and other (fender, reflector) screws/bolts
  • Handlebar and seat posts are tightly secured
  • Chain is appropriately lubricated

    Download our more detailed "Care and Upkeep" document here.

"Personalizing" your fBIKE

  • Once you've found the right seat/handlebar height, mark the posts with a gold or silver permanent marker
  • Pay attention to where the metal surfaces touch when folded and note the condition of the protective plastic

Accessories you might add

  • A helmet (of course!)
  • Small bag under the seat containing a spare tube, tire levers, and a CO2 inflator
    - Alternately, add a frame pump
  • Water bottle cage mounted on the top of the main tube

Best configuration when folded/for carrying

  • Handlebar and seat posts lowered all the way
  • Fold down the handlebar
  • Right pedal back, left pedal forward
  • Fold the frame
  • Carry with the chain away from you, with the front part of the main tube against your hip
    - Consider attaching a shoulder strap to the underside of the seat and strapping the two wheels together